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First Day of School 1994, Penang

The First Day of school in 1994, Jan. i was did registered for enter form 4c. I very excite and happy first time in FSSSE (Federation Secondary of Special Education). Before The teacher from kota kinabalu said, that i go to selangor for train vocational (vokasional). But i was try letter to Special Welfare Departement for change from vocational selangor to FSSSE Penang. After 2 week, Approved.. :) God Thank you.

The Teacher is David Wong very friendly and fun. He teach to students Moral. :)

My first class with Tai from Johor, Loo from Pahang, Sofe from Kedah, Tan from Kuala Lumpur, me in Class 4c. Room very clean, some old cabinet, tables and chairs.

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