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First Day of School 1994, Penang

The First Day of school in 1994, Jan. i was did registered for enter form 4c. I very excite and happy first time in FSSSE (Federation Secondary of Special Education). Before The teacher from kota kinabalu said, that i go to selangor for train vocational (vokasional). But i was try letter to Special Welfare Departement for change from vocational selangor to FSSSE Penang. After 2 week, Approved.. :) God Thank you.

The Teacher is David Wong very friendly and fun. He teach to students Moral. :)

My first class with Tai from Johor, Loo from Pahang, Sofe from Kedah, Tan from Kuala Lumpur, me in Class 4c. Room very clean, some old cabinet, tables and chairs.

Lunch time at Komtar

The Team planter, FSSSE paid to lunch time at Komtar for work together planter "taman cantik". They were very enjoy ate more :D i sorry can't remember dated??

Prefects Team of '95

Prefects (Pengawas) Team of 1995. They were play swim, some for a picnic lunch, fun, enjoy and relax.. :)

Teacher Day '94

Happy Teacher Day party '1994. Some students them self cookery and BBQ.

Secondary School Sports Day '94 and '95

Secondary School Sports Day '94 and '95. I left my medals Gold, Silver and Broze in Sandakan. :(

My friend is Yew's birthday.

i shown picture me.. :) this is photo students together Hostel E for remembrance of '1995
Students very enjoy and taste food. i felt very special bithday party room in hostel E. Not Hall. No reason.. But good idea..

This is Photo, my friend is Yew from Perak.

The Games, i give some gift piece of cake to Pn. ? i forget.. :))

All students be smile
Boys very fast food because hungry!!

My friend is Andrew Mah from Perak same hostel E

The Groups are cheers!!

Jasmine's Birthday..

Ah Liang's Birthday in Alor Star, Kedah

Ah Liang's house birthday party in Alor Star, Kedah. Some my classmates came. also him family.. :) This is photo a house very old like tanah melayu but nice a place :D Before i went to Ator Star by bus express with my classmate. i very first time in bus express like trip. :p more than 2 hours from Penang to Kedah by bus.